Gambling 101

Common wisdom has it that the house always wins at a casino. People tend to have a fatalistic view of how casinos work, and they think that luck is the only factor at play when gambling. This is only partially true. Although it is a fact that even online casinos have a house edge, which allows them to turn a profit on their games in the long run, it does not mean that players are automatically going to lose. In most cases, there is more than just luck at play in the casino. Each time one puts down a wager, there are several things that will make a difference on whether or not they will come out ahead or not. To call them strategies is a stretch. It is more about a general way of playing and less about specifics. But these general guidelines do separate the winners from the losers.

There are gambling strategies out there, and they are very powerful tools. I highly recommend anyone to become well versed in all of them. In particular, blackjack strategy, which will give anyone a significant edge. What I will be outlining is gaming practices that anyone new to gambling is well advised to take to heart. This is not a guide on specific steps. It is a guide that will tell you what kind of player you need to be to differentiate yourself from the losers out there. This is the first lesson for new gamblers. Gambling 101.

Thou Shalt Be In A Good Mood

Don’t snicker. This is not a feel good message. One’s mood has a direct and tangible effect on the choices he or she is likely to make. People in a bad mood are statistically more likely to make catastrophic decisions. This is the first commandment for anyone who wants to be a gambler. You must be in a good state of mind. Otherwise turn off the computer. This can be hard to do, especially for people whose personality type is to drown sorrow in self-destructive behavior. Be strong and wait until you feel better. It is not worth losing hard earned money because of a bad mood. Gamblers must have all their faculties with them. They must be able to think fast, and leave emotion out of the equation. Only this way is it actually possible to form a play strategy that wins. Playing any games while under the influence of depression is a sure fire way of getting deeper into it once all the money is gone.

Thou Shalt Play With Your Brain

It is a hard mathematical truth that when you wager, whether online or offline, you will win some and you will lose some. Anyone who has ever made any sort of bet know that there is such a thing as a hot streak and such a thing as a cold streak. When you’re hot, you’re on top of the world, but when you’re cold, you can go into a tailspin and lose control of your faculties. It is imperative that you come to terms with this and accept it as the cold, harsh reality that it is.

There comes a moment when the losses become greater than the wins. This is hard to notice, because of the excitement and adrenaline coursing through your system. But it is important to notice it happening before it becomes glaringly obvious. This is the moment when it is necessary to stop playing. It is good practice to have a daily limit in mind and to pledge not to exceed it. Always remember that your online credits are there because you bought them with real money. They represent real cash, and can also be traded back for cash. Don’t use them up in a desperate effort to recoup losses. Once panic sets in it is already too late, and the critical point of no return has arrived.

Experience will train players to recognize the moment the tides turn with deadly accuracy. It is an art that can be learned. Sometimes money comes in, then it goes, it’s an ebb and flow like the tide, but there is a specific moment when it turns inexorably in one direction. That’s the moment to look out for. If you miss the cue, or the moment has slipped by unnoticed, do not lose your head. That is what the betting limit is for. Stick to it and return another day.

Thou Shalt Be Aggressive

Playing smart is only one part of the equation. It is useless to play smart if you are also meek and weak in your playing style. Stepping away from a game when you’re up is a good strategy, but not when you are in the middle of a hot streak. That’s money wasted. Never forget that you can tell when your luck takes a turn for the worse. If you find you are in the process of winning don’t stop! Be steadfast and it will pay off in the long run.

Thou Shalt Not Play Desperately

The worst thing you can do is play like a desperate person. The way to avoid reaching the point of desperation is to avoid making wagers you cannot afford to lose. If you absolutely must win your money back or else, you have entered desperation mode, and you will make many stupid decisions in a last ditch effort to win back your money. You should never have bet that money to begin with if you could not afford to lose it. Remember this and you will not become desperate. Desperate people have an uncanny tendency to burn through their remaining cash reserves. If you thought things were bad when you lost the first wager you couldn’t afford to lose, imagine how things will be when you have to refinance your home. Don’t fall into this trap.

Thou Shalt Learn Thine Game

This is the most important commandment of them all. Go to your library. Log in to Amazon. Go to a bookstore. Get your hands on all the books you can find about the games you want to play. Learn the strategies by heart. Memorize the odds. Learn the proper way to play the game. In other words, you have to school yourself and become a pro. There is no university for gamblers, only hard work and dedication. If you are playing the casino games and don’t understand how they operate, you are wasting your time. There are high stakes in these games, and you should not be betting your money on random wagers. What is a random wager? Any wager you make without a deep understanding of the game. Remember that these games rely on random outcomes, but these outcomes follow a strict set of statistical laws.

These are the basics that every aspiring gambler must abide by. If you follow these guidelines, you will certainly fare well in your gambling career.