If you are reading this, it is a fairly safe bet to say that you are a lover of gambling. So are we. As a team of long time professionals in the field of online gambling, we have all the information you need in one convenient place. Need to know how to place wagers properly? We have you covered. Need to know the history behind a certain game? You can find that out here too. If it has to do with an online casino, you can rest assured that you will find it here. Most important of all, and unless you’re a neophyte, what you really want to know is where the best places to gamble online are. We are willing to bet the house on it.

And this is why we have assembled the following quick guide to get you started. Pick any one of the following online casinos and you can rest assured that you won’t regret your choice. We have gone through the industry with a fine tooth comb to select only the most worthy of options for you. If it is listed here, we guarantee that the casino is honest, fair, and offers a truly great bonus to thank you for your business.

We know these casinos because we know the industry. Here is some more detailed info about the best online casinos, in no particular order…

888 Casino

You really can’t go wrong with the 888 Casino. All of us here have spent at least a good portion of our gambling career either testing, copying, or actually playing at 888. It is one of the most long lived casinos of all. This means a lot in an industry where bit players come blazing in and burn out as quickly as they came. The 888 casino is here to stay. They employ over 1000 people in full time positions worldwide. They are a publicly traded company. They actually developed the tech that would go on and make online gambling possible for everyone. Believe us when we say that 888 will outlive us all. This is the Casino de Monte Carlo of our times.

All you need to do is take one look at this casino to be convinced of its greatness. The graphics speak volumes about how they operate. Not content with being the best they are constantly developing their software to be so far ahead of the curve that it will be many years until most other casinos even catch up to where they are today. They are constantly investing in new technology, so expect this to be true pretty much forever. The casino itself is licensed in Gibraltar. Gibraltar, for those who don’t know, is that piece of land between Spain and Morocco that controls the passage between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to the UK. Why should you care about this little geographic lesson? Because it means the license is European and the casino is responsible for consumer protection as dictated by the EU. This is good news for you.

Swiss Casino

You don’t usually think about the Swiss and their casinos. More often than not, when you think of Switzerland, you are reminded of fine wristwatches like Rolex and Philippe Patek…or the best banks in the world. Do you see where we are going with this? The Swiss casino follows its namesake because it is one of the most tightly secured casinos in the world. It models itself after a Swiss bank. No information gets in or out. Hackers are left helpless when faced with its impenetrable defenses. This casino has more going for it than just security, though. It is one of the most state of the art gambling establishments on the internet.

Everything about the Swiss Casino reflects the design aesthetic of the Swiss. Sleek and functional. Technologically advanced. Elegant and cool. Efficient in every sense of the word. They chose 80 games to represent. This is clearly part of their determination to cut the fat, so to speak. Get rid of the random games no one plays and keep only the best and most popular titles. No need to go hunting for a decent game and possibly wasting money on something you stumbled upon by accident. All the games at the Swiss casino are exactly the ones you want. Your first four deposits are matched at 100%, so that there is no confusion. Again, a sign of precision and efficiency. A slick live dealer casino that you can actually find an empty seat at. Graphics and sound that are clean, clutter free, and extremely polished. And, if you hadn’t figured it out already, an EU license. This casino is perfect in every way.

Betway Casino

Betway has more games than you can shake a stick at. There are over 500 games at your fingertips from the moment you sign in for the first time. It would be surprising if you were able to make time for them all. Chances are that you will find a few favorites and probably never even find out that you can actually play exotic games such as Pachinko, War, and other insane offerings. We urge you to take the time to explore this casino because there are many fabulous surprises to be found inside.

One of these surprises is the ridiculous payback rate that edges up to 98%. Why would they give back so much of their revenues? The answer is volume and low overhead. In fact, this is a feature shared among all the casinos we list here as the best on earth. It just so happens that Betway goes the extra mile and really goes out of their way to give back those extra few percentage points that can make all the difference in the world. This casino has it all: excellent graphics, sophisticated engine, an amazing selection of games, tight security, stellar customer service. They really offer the complete package. To top it all off, you have the peace of mind that comes with EU licensing and all the customer protections that go along with it.

EuroGrand Casino

The French Riviera is a famous destination for rich vacationgoers and those who want the most premium gambling experience in the world. Well…that used to be true until the EuroGrand arrived in the online casino world. Sure, it is modeled after the great Riviera casinos. It is designed to be just as pretty, just as elegant, just as fancy. But just not as expensive to play. There are a lot of things “grand” about the EuroGrand, such as the $1,000 bonus they give to all new players and the quality of the interface, and the fact that this is a fully licensed EU casino. Because it is a recent addition to the online gambling ecosystem, the EuroGrand uses the latest in technology when it comes to the underlying casino software. I don’t mean the graphics and sound experience you download. I’m talking about the actual software on their servers. They use Playtech software, and for those who know, this is the latest player in the industry. They have the most up to date package available for determining random outcomes.

The EuroGrand also benefits from the Playtech network of games. There are over 150 of them, but what makes Playtech really desirable is its focus on progressive jackpots. There are more per capita progressive jackpots in Playtech systems than anywhere else. The chances of hitting upon a game that can actually make you rich at the EuroGrand are approximately 1 out of 4 because fully a quarter of the games are plugged in to progressive jackpots. That’s a thought that should make you eager to at least check it out. Do it. This is one casino you definitely be a member of.

Spin Palace Casino

You will find many online reviews on the internet for the Spin Palace and one thing they all have in common is the fact that they will tell you that this is a slots based casino. Let us be very clear about this right now: The Spin Palace casino is not just for slot machines. It is a fully featured casino and has any game you could possibly imagine. There are over 400 games at the Spin Palace. At least half of them are slot machines, to be sure, but that hardly means this is a slot machine casino. There are at least 200 games such as blackjack, roulette, and sic bo. In fact, who says that the word “spin” doesn’t refer to the roulette wheel?

Now that we’ve dispelled a common notion, let’s focus on the actual perks of playing at this amazing casino. Not least of which is the $1,000 welcome bonus. By any standard, this is ridiculous. They are literally throwing $1,000 at you. Who does that? And more important, who can say no to that kind of money? The fact is that this is one of the most respected casinos in the industry. It is EU licensed, eCOGRA certified, and offers some of the finest terms and conditions you will find anywhere. We stand behind the Spin Palace casino as being one of the top places to gamble in the world. The biggest benefit players will find here is the fact that since they usually attract slots players, the table games are usually underplayed so the casino improves the player odds to make these games more appealing. This is an industry secret, so keep it to yourself.

Mansion Casino

In 2004, one of the greatest online casinos in history was brought about by the Mansion Group. Unapologetically proud of their accomplishment, they dubbed it the Mansion Casino. We In this list of great online casinos we focus a lot on technology, security, and bonuses. Mansion casino has one of the greatest bonuses ever offered in the history of online casinos. $5,000 in free money. This was completely unheard of in the online casino industry, and now, thanks to the Mansion casino, bigger bonuses are becoming more frequent. And it’s about time. With the value of money going down, bonuses have had to become larger just to compensate. We never expected them to go this much higher. A gift in this range should be the standard for several years to come.

A casino is more than just its bonus. Mansion casino does not disappoint with its roster of 250 excellent Playtech games. The games at the Mansion casino need no introduction, as they are all household names. Iron Man, Daredevil and Elektra, Fantastic Four, Blade…the Marvel universe comes to life at this casino and promises to make gaming exciting and fun. Many of these games are also linked to incredible Playtech progressive jackpots, where you can expect prizes to be valued at millions of dollars. Security is top of the line, as is the entire software package. Everything is next generation here, and is ahead of the technological curve. The Mansion casino will be state of the art for many years, and as technology improves, so will their casino software.


The entire staff at onlinegambling-portal agrees on InterCasino. Although, as professional gamblers, we play the field and bounce from one casino to the next, the entire staff here secretly favors InterCasino as their personal go to online gambling provider. This is because InterPlay does things a bit differently from everyone else. They truly care about their players and it shows in every facet of this top of the line online casino. Also, because InterCasino has been in operation since 1996, everyone on staff has watched it grow over the years, and is intimately familiar with this particular casino.

Although the welcome bonus is stuck in the dark ages, at a measly $250, InterCasino’s managing director, Ryan Hartley, makes sure to always keep everyone happy. Mr. Hartley spends time every day going from table to table and striking up conversations with players. He calls this the “Where’s Ryan H?” bonus. He asks questions, gets feedback, and gets involved in the patronage of his casino. And if he talks to you, he also gives you $50, just because he’s Ryan H., and he’s a great guy. Because Ryan is so intimately involved in his clientele, he knows what people want. So at InterCasino you will find lots of alternative prizes and perks. You could get invited to the US Open in New York City, all expenses paid. Or you could be invited to play at the Tower Bridge casino in London. Every month, players receive a personalized bonus based on their track record. The fact of the matter is that InterCasino is the most human of them all. It enjoys the same standards of technology and security, as well as EU licensing as the other premium brands. But they just always seem to go one step further than the competition to get the edge.


We include this message to those who might still have reservations about gambling over the internet. Is it safe? Yes, of course it is. The casinos we list as our favorites are vetted by top industry professionals. Security is protected by both firewalls and 128 bit encryption. Customer service is there around the clock to answer questions. But not only. Each of the casinos you have just read about are fully licensed in the European Union. They are all independently tested by organizations such as eCOGRA or TST, whose mission is to make sure gambling online is safe and fair. You can follow the certification trail if you have any doubts, but we guarantee that any of our top casinos are well worth your time.